Research Projects

Information Behavior of Undocumented Students I am co-investigating this project with my colleague Lee Ann Fullington, who I asked to join the project as an interviewer after receiving the ALA 2016 Diversity Research Grant. This grant is a pilot project, and I hope to apply for more funding after analyzing the data. For a background read more about this study

Mobile Devices, Research, and Teaching: how faculty and graduate students are integrating eBooks, mobile applications, and electronic resources into their scholarly practices

I am a Co-Investigator with Professor Lee Ann Fullington on a small study that looks at mobile devices and faculty use. We are finished with the data collection and are now analyzing the data. For a background read more about the study.

Language and Libraries

Language use in academic libraries is the broader focus of my research. I am interested in topics like scholarly communication in languages other than English, language technologies on the web, language and cultural rights, language and student research practices, and a bibliography on endangered language research.

Information Behavior of Foreign-Born students

I have closed the data collection and have submitted my findings for peer-review. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped in this study. For a background, read more about the study.