Research Projects

American-style Research

American-style Research is a qualitative interviewing project funded by the American Library Association Diversity Grant. The project employs a mixed-methods sequential explanatory design where the quantitative data is collected first followed by qualitative data collection. In this project, I investigate the cultural aspects of how foreign-born students perceive how research is done, as compared to their home country (or ideas they have about their home country through family, social media, and transnational community ties). I am also very interested in their cultural perception of the academic library at Brooklyn College, and higher education concepts like scholarly sources, plagiarism, library services, digital piracy, and copyright. This is a CUNY IRB-approved study. Read more about the study.

Information Behavior of Undocumented Students I am co-investigating this project with my colleague Lee Ann Fullington, who I asked to join the project as an interviewer after receiving the ALA 2016 Diversity Research Grant. This grant is a pilot project, and I hope to apply for more funding after analyzing the data. Because of the current climate on immigration and the state DACA this project was revised to American Style Research.

Mobile Devices, Research, and Teaching: how faculty and graduate students are integrating eBooks, mobile applications, and electronic resources into their scholarly practices

I am a Co-Investigator with Professor Lee Ann Fullington on a small study that looks at mobile devices and faculty use. We are finished with the data collection and are now analyzing the data. This is a CUNY IRB-approved study with funding from the PSC-CUNY research award program. For a background read more about the study.

Language and Libraries

Language use in academic libraries is the broader focus of my research. I am interested in topics like scholarly communication in languages other than English, language technologies on the web, language and cultural rights, language and student research practices, and a bibliography on endangered language research.

Information Behavior of Foreign-Born students

I have closed the data collection and have submitted my findings for peer-review. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped in this study. For a background, read more about the study.

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